Why is Matt Parker the biggest cause of “sexual” human trafficking in Thailand?

Matt Parker is the number 1 cause of sexual human trafficking cases in Thailand.   It’s a multi-million dollar business for him. Read more evidence below by clicking the links from extensive research by several Christian ex-staff and investigators.

Matts non-profit for profits earns 5m USD a year and he pockets around 800,000 USD a year towards his family’s salaries, giving grants to his other business and expenses. All this money could have saved 100’s children, but instead, it’s wasted on his retirement and lavish lifestyle, using backhanders to pretend the authorities in Thailand and other countries work with him.

The Exodus Road Spends 3.5 million USD in 2022 (88% of donations) on executives, entertainment, fun, travel and fat cat salaries

The Exodus Road Board Of Director Convicted Drug Dealer and Killer Edwin Desamour Helps Set up Business Owners By Procuring Underage Girls and Planting them with other girls ID’s.

Matt Parker Tries to Deceive “Big Joke”, and exploits underage girls in Thailand and loses face for Thai people

Behind Enemy Lines, Delta Ops and investigations in regulated legal beer bars – the lies fed to good Christians.

Read How The Exodus Road Causes More Human Trafficking

How Matt Parker syphons off 800,000 USD a year

Christians are being deceived by The Exodus Road whilst exploiting Thailand

The Exodus Road Fabricates Human Trafficking Rescues to get millions in donation money. Meanwhile, Thailand suffers from funding from the USA as they get dropped down a tier in human trafficking world ratings, which means Matt Parker is profiting directly from losing Thailand millions in funding. The Exodus Road claim they have more rescues than the FBI, who have larger funding and intelligence than everyone else in the world.

Matt Parker doesn’t care about real rescues or aftercare; they pretend to rescue and live a lavish lifestyle on a 278,000 USD-a-year salary with Laura Parker. They also spend money on spreading the word of Jesus, which wastes money that could have been spent on real rescues. However, they do not state they spend donation money on religious teaching, which has angered many donors.

Matt Parker is causing funding issues for the honest anti-human trafficking non-profits in Thailand and bringing a bad name to all of them. Which will further increase any real trafficking as money dries up for them. But gladly he’s also bringing scrutiny and a spotlight on the fake rescue industry multi-million USD industry in Thailand and neighbouring countries.

Many people, including Christians, are speaking out about The Exodus road and their illegal and immoral operations, which was brought to light in the open letter after an FBI investigation, where Matt Parker tried to cover up a sexual assault from one of his team members, who was reinstated after the scandal.

The Open Letter – with 30 plus Christian co-signers.

Matt Parker continues to go after legal businesses because they are cheap to attack with bribes and soft and easy targets; he is able to use his funding to set up business owners with underage workers, using bribes to put people in place, and then calling in his paid contacts.

Jonathan Matt Parker has been described as an evil and dangerous man by Christians associated with the Tamar group, who work alongside bar owners, not against them.

Matt Parker has been described as evil and dangerous by other Christian organisations
Matt Parker and (possibly) Tim Lewis looking for ladies in Pattaya. Tim Lewis is in Thailand setting up bar owners, not sure if that’s him or another one that Matt uses for his dirty work.


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