Meet The CEO and directors of The Exodus Road

Matt Parker CEO of The Exodus Road tried to cover up sexual assault from his staff and is currently under investigation, he’s the main person that sets people up in Brazil, Thailand, India, Phillipines and Latin America. The guy on the left in the photo also goes undercover to illegally record people in open air beer bars.

Bill Woolf  – A director of The Exodus Road – stole from taxpayers and was fired from the police force

Edwin Desamour – A director of The Exodus Road – convicted murderer, ex drug dealer, had sex with an underage girl and set someone up

Ted Rusinoff – Treasurer – Took backhanders off The Exodus Road (a job as treasurer to give them grants from MDRT as part of the deal)

Ted Rusinoff is now the finance guy on a large salary, his job is getting even more donations from MDRT which he is involved


Adam Grush – Matt Parkers Right hand man in Thailand – Asia Regional Manager

please contact us if you have been a victim of Adam Grush, our team are stilll looking for his involvement in illegal operations.


Shawn Stickel – Director Of Operations – was recently seen taking bar girls to his hotel room in Thailand,  was seen in Pattaya, Thailand the same time as Matt Parker. He’s believed to be in town still as of February 2024

Daniel Vaupel from Tamar Pattaya Center – the eyes and ears of The Exodus Road,  funding from the same churches as Colorado Springs.  Tamar has a shop unit on Soi 6 and a restaurant on 3rd Road, Daniel says all bar owners are evil and he is OK that Matt Parker is using illegal tactics to try to shut down bars in Thailand.   He sends Christian women into bars down soi 6, soi 7 and other areas.  He says all bar girls in Pattaya are enslaved. He is another person that lies, so he can live the dream living in Pattaya, Thailand.  Like many men, he wants to live in Pattaya surrounded by thousands of lady bars.  Tamar Cafe is located on 3rd Road.

Mary Nikkel – writes absolute lies on behalf of The Exodus Road – she is staff and a freelancer for rock bands. She has been asked to stop writing lies but she’s getting paid too much money. Her husband is disappointed in her working for The Exodus Road, said a close source to her husband working at the same university he is a lecturer at.

Below are some of staff from The Exodus Road in Jomtien Thailand around the time Edwin in the photo on the right set up some bar owners and had sex with a 15 year old he procured to set someone up.  Preston Goff (marketing guy) lies to niave housewives at churches to trick them into giving more money,  whilst he spent donation money visiting blowjob bars in Pattaya. Matt Parkers wife is also featured in the photo, she is aware that Matt has sex with prostitutes, but covers for him saying that he’s working undercover. Matt Parkers wife Laura Parker also shares a job role with Matt that pays 280,000 usd a year plus travel and entertainment expenses, which gives them a lavish lifestyle.

Edwin Desamour Convicted Killer Set Up Innocent Bar Owners around the same time this was posted.

Rickson D Souza on the left based in Dubai is another person trying to destroy the bar industry in Thailand.

Read how all these people live a lavish lifestyle based on lies and deceit, losing face for Thai people for person gain. They are NOT good Christians.

The Exodus Road Spends 3.5 million USD in 2022 (88% of donations) on executives, entertainment, fun, travel and fat cat salaries

Behind the enemy lines – article that explains how they operate.

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