Warning To Pattaya, Bangkok and Phuket Bar Owners.

Matt Parker from The Exodus Road flew into Thailand on the 14th Of February 2024 to meet a controversial high up police man (Big joke) that likes to make waves to try and set up a few more specific bar owners, but it failed because that high up police guy knows Matt Parker is lying and is being investigated by the FBI and no one wants to be part of Matt Parkers illegal operations, (that officer is currently being accused of running a gambling operation) so on the 17th of February 2024 Matt Parker arrived in Pattaya to find another way to set a few people up, he is with his team Tim Lewis (retired ex air force pilot ), Shawn Stickel and another unidentified male. Pattaya Police and Chonburi Immigration have been informed of his arrival and are fully aware that they can lose their jobs if Matt Parker successfully sets another bar owner up with an underage girl, so they are monitoring the situation.

Matt Parker lying to Big Joke trying to drag him into his multimillion USD scam on 16th of February.

Yesterday Matt Parker (18th of Feb 2024) was seen on Soi Buakaow, Pattaya checking out bars to set up or raid, the person who he was walking with (one of his exodus road team) went down soi 6 later that day around 11 pm and took a lady into a nearby room for sex. Bar name withheld but cctv kept for a rainy day. (despite saying they are undercover and are working on investigating)  All of the Exodus road guys come to Pattaya to fornicate. Despite it being a sin to have sex out of wedlock, paying for sex, and most of them being married. Whilst having sex with bar girls, they say they are investigating and they try to plant young ladies by bribing the lady to use someone elses ID, bribing cashier or mamasans.

Below is a picture of Matt Parker in Pattaya on soi chaiyaboon 17th of February 2024 (yesterday) with his other informant/fixer.  Remember these guys have set up at least 5+ bar owners that we know of just in Pattaya alone.  They do not rescue girls, they set up bar owners. They also go after customers in the bars that went with the girls that they planted with borrowed ID and lots of bribes to mamasan/cashier/girl.

Our insider working at The Exodus Road has informed us that they are going after a soi 7 hotel and sent one of their directors in there on the 18th February 2024 short time around 10 pm. Which is on cctv for a rainy day.

Matt Parker from The Exodus Road on the left


Matt Parker (notice the same tattoos as the FB post below). His tattoo says “อิสระ” which means free, which is more properganda to his 5m usd fake raid and rescie scam.


A real photo of Matt Parker, (so you can identify his tattoos, opposed to the expensive professional ones hiding his tattoos


This guy looks like another informant that set up another bar owner, but we can’t verify it.

Yesterday Shawn Stickel was photographed taking a girl for short time in a hotel on soi 7 around 10-11 pm.  (not posting the photo because we don’t want the hotel in trouble) but we will use it in a rainy day situation.


Other pictures of Matt Parker, so you can remember him, but the top photo is the most recent.

Matt and Laura Parker Mislead donors

Please read more about them here

Behind Enemy Lines (going in Thailand beer bars lol)

The Exodus Road spends 3.5m baht a year 88% of donations on fun, entertainment, travel and expenses on a lavish lifestyle.

The Exodus Director convicted killer Edwin Desamour sets up Pattaya bar owner

The Exodus Director Bill Woofe stole from tax payers

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