Matt Parker Tries to Deceive “Big Joke”, and exploits underage girls in Thailand and loses face for Thai people.

21st February 2024

Matt Parker, CEO from The Exodus Road, (who is under investigation by the FBI for setting up at least 20+ bar owners in Thailand with underage girls by paying underage girls to use someone elses ID, paying mamasans and cashiers 20,000-100,000 baht each to supply his Amercian team with underage girls then calling the police on them) met with Big Joke on the 16th of February to get a photo with Big Joke to tell his donors that he is advising Big joke,  but on that day Big joke was unaware that the Thai CIB police already knew that Jonathan Matt Parker tricked them into arresting innocent Thai business owners. (Jonathan is his real name, but he uses his middle name as first name)

Matt Parker makes around 5m USD a year 179m THB in donations exploiting and embarrassing Thailand and losing face for Thai people,  Matt Parker puts around 28m baht per year in his pocket and doesn’t spend money on rescuing or investigating, he tells Christians in America that Thai people chain up underage girls in open-aired bars in Thailand, he tells people that the Thai government and police is corrupt and people turn a blind eye to chidren trafficking, but 99.9% of Thai people would not allow this to happen. Matt Parker’s main goal is to shut down lady bars in Thailand, he is anti-prostitution and to convert Thai people to become Christian. He doesn’t care about really rescuing people, only filling his pockets with money. His male Christian team from The Exodus Road who check the bars are having sex with the girls in bars using donation money and they lie to donors that they are working undercover investigating bars, but they are having fun.

He tells Christians that Thai people made him a police officer many years ago but we all know thats impossible because he is not Thai and was not born in Thailand, but Christian people in America believe him, he says he teaches and advises Thai police and Thailands elite police ask him for help and advice. He makes Thai people look inferior for his own gain. He exploits Thailand to make millions deceiving his donors, even many Christians have turned their back on him and his deceiving charity.

Please share this article with Thai police, government officers or anyone that can help stop these charities from exploiting Thailand, ban The Exodus Road from operating and putting Matt Parker in jail for all the crimes he has committed.

Recently Matt Parker donated some money to “Big Jokes” team, just to get a photo to tell everyone that Big Joke is working with him and Thai police are learning from him. They pay the Thai media to put out the story also.  Matt Parker has no authority to work with any police in the world, not a chance American police would work with him, Thai police shouldn’t work with him and they say they do not, but they allow him to say that he works with them, so he can deceive people to get more donations. They do the same trick in other countries like the other bad charities do. Big Joke was unaware that Matt Parker would tell everyone that he’s working with him and advising him and he was unaware that Matt Parker has been involved in several illegal operations that are being investigated by Thailand CIB and the Fbi.

Matt Parker knows he is in deep trouble and wanted a photo with Big joke to try and scare people off, but at the same time making Big Joke look like hes involved in his crimes in Thailand. Hopefully this back fires on Matt Parker because that was very dishonest and sneaky.

“Matt Parker alone makes Thailand look like it has a serious child trafficking problem, by lying to the world just for donations” ex-staff member

Everyone in Thailand knows the police do not need help off a normal American guy, who lies and says he gets 10x more arrests than the American FBI who have a much much higher budget and worldwide intelligence.  The Exodus Road count every arrest as a rescue, and the girls that they use are back out working again. No one is actually rescued.

Link and photo below: On the 16th Of February 2024, Matt Parker paid for a photo with Big Joke, to deceive his donors and say he’s real police and teaching Thai people what to do.
บิ๊กโจ๊ก ประกาศให้ความร่วมมือมูลนิธิเพื่ออิสรภาพ เพื่อร่วมแก้ปัญหาป้องกันปราบปรามการค้ามนุษย์

Everyone in the human trafficking circles know that most of Matt Parkers rescues are fake and many of the “victims” (underage girls) are procured and planted by his team by paying Thai people desperate to make some money.  The poor Thai people that they pay (exploit) to provide sex to his team do not know that his intention is to call the police on them, and they do not know that he has a way of bullying Thai police to take legal action against them and their unaware bosses. Matt Parker pretends his charity has big power in America and it gets Thai police worried, but he only has a few churches behind him who put blind faith in him.

Anyone working along side Jonathan Matt Parker should be checked for bribes, because Matt Parker has been exposed for paying people to lie for him. Matt Parker tries to trick Thai police by paying a few American directors to use their name behind his charity, but they do not go to Thailand and are not aware of his scams.  He tells his directors and donors that all these accusations are from the devil and we are all human traffickers. So they do not believe us because they are brainwashed by him.  Christian people at his home church stand by him, but they are slowly waking up.

20th February, Bangkok Police issued a warning to all bar owners in Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya to try and stop Matt from committing more crime

There are 2 major bad Christian charities operating in Thailand – Operation underground railroad (Disgraced Tim Ballard) and The Exodus road all set up fake rescues and lie that Thailand has underage girls openly sat in bars. A21 is very dishonest but doesn’t do as many fake raids and rescues.

It’s time us Thai people stand up and stop these Christian Americans making us look bad, looking down on us and exploiting our people. It’s time the police, prosecutors walk away from Matt Parker and look after Thai people.  It’s time to turn down his donations.

Vietnam does not allow these Christian NGOs in their country to exploit Vietnamese people. So these fake NGO’s live their dream lifestyles in our country instead.

Matt Parkers illegal antics are making all the other Christian charities look bad and at the same time exposing the other bad charities that pretend to rescue and lie about Thailand to make money.

Please read these articles below and help us fix this issue that is making Thailand higher in the list of countries that do the most human trafficking. Please share with as many people as possible, we need to stop Thailand losing face and looking like it has a child trafficking problem when it doesn’t.

There is also an accusation coming from the churches that Matt Parker is being accused of raping a child in Brazil or Thailand, please contact us if you have anymore information.

Edwin Desamour ex drug dealer and convicted killer is a director at The Exodus Road and was sent to set people up last year

Behind Enemy Lines – the lies

The Exodus Road spends 3.5m a year on a lavish lifestyle, travel and entertainment.

Matt Parker paying for photos and lying that he’s real police and advisor


Below is Matt Parker and Dirk Currier one of his team walking around Pattaya 2 days after meeting Big Joke planning their next attack. Immigration and Pattaya Police have been informed.

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