Matt Parker CEO of The Exodus Road is a serious threat to OnlyFans platform because he is happy to use underage people to set them up.

Matt Parker who rakes in 5m USD a year in donations deceiving people is in deep trouble for setting people up in multiple countries, instead of going after real human traffickers, he is now going after big names like OnlyFans, (which has millions of people living off it) he doesn’t care about real trafficking, he only cares about publicity, lots of cash going in his bank and stopping people doing things he doesn’t agree with. He is uses Evangelists money from Colorado Springs churches to try to shut down prostitution. He lies to say women are enslaved when they are not.

OnlyFans creators, staff and subscribers need to fight back legally against Matt Parker CEO of The Exodus Road, they will use underage people to set up OnlyFans then call the police on them.  They will use dirty tactics and say its fair game to bring down something the evangelists do not like.

Are donors happy him going after a few women doing porn? and going after business owners of places that he doesn’t agree with? Donors are misled that their money goes towards rescuing children not going after women choosing to work in the adult industry.

What about stopping real human trafficking?

We urge all creators, users, staff of OnlyFans to go after Matt Parker and The Exodus Road before he sets up more people.

Similar groups to The Exodus Road brought down, Craigslist personals, adult friendfinder, the erotic review, and a bunch of other stuff in the states, using dirty tactics and false flags

Read The Exodus Road Recent Attacks on OnlyFans, their next soft target to get more publicity and donations to increase his large salary.

Read more about Matt Parkers dirty tactics.

Please check out ways to report The Exodus Road and complain to their donors listed on this page. Check out how you can help clicking this link

Matt Parker spends 3.5m a year of donation money on large salaries for him, his children his wife and expenses on travel, entertainment and living a lavish lifestyle.

The Exodus Road Spends 3.5 million USD in 2022 on executives, travel, entertainment, backhanders and fat cat salaries

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