6 Fake Rescues of willing working women 69,444 USD each

The Exodus Road gets 5m USD a year in donations from hard-working Christians.   In February 2024, The Exodus Road pretended to rescue six willing working women. They do not rescue real trafficked people, they do no after care, they target vunerable women who are breadwinners trying to feed their families who have chosen to work in the adult industry to get a better situation in a 3rd world country.

Whether you agree with people working in the lucrative adult industry, the 5m USD annual donation money shouldn’t go on anti-prostitution, when it was donated for anti-trafficking.

The Exodus Road exploit vulnerable breadwinning women and make them jobless for a few days and call it a rescue! Just to exploit good-hearted generous Christians.

All of these 6 girls The Exodus Road claimed to have rescued in February are working again in the sex industry, (as they chose in the first place), this is why no details of the actual “rescues” are supplied to paying donors to prevent people finding the evil deception. When you divide 5m USD annual donation money across 12 months and you divide it across the 6 pretend rescues of working girls that are back out working again. It’s 69,444 USD per pretend rescue. The saddening part of all this, is no one trafficked was saved, this money could have helped many honest charities rescuing real trafficked people.

But Matt Parker and his The Exodus Road team spend 3.5m USD a year on holiday, entertainment, large salaries and lavish lifestyle, whilst the 12% remaining after their own costs often goes on bribes to pretend they are working with authorities in other countries, however, it’s confirmed no police work alongside American charities,  but they will accept money for photos.

The Exodus Road operates in a mist of cover ups, knowing that no Christians will dare question Matt Parkers illegal and immoral deceptive evil tactics to extract money from good hearted honest Christians. Because if anyone challenges Jonathan Matt Parker, he will call them evil traffickers and accuse them of agreeing with the things he pretends to fight against.

Don’t believe us? Ask where these working girls are now. Ask how they define a rescue.

The Exodus Road only operates outside USA so they can deceive donors. They can’t get away with bribes and lies in USA. They need culture differences, vulnerable people, language barriers and corruption to operate this 5m USD a year scam.

If you insist on donating to this dishonest “non-profit for profits” after all the evidence posted on several websites., whilst FBI investigations are ongoing. Tell them you want your money spent on helping USA out. After large salaries and expenses around 12% is left to help, but often that is spent on keeping up the appearances far away from USA where they are not under scrutiny.

Behind Enemy Lines, Delta Ops and investigations in regulated legal beer bars – the lies fed to good Christians.

The Exodus Road Board Of Director Convicted Drug Dealer and Killer Edwin Desamour Helps Set up Business Owners By Procuring Underage Girls and Planting them with other girls ID’s.

The Exodus Road Spends 3.5 million USD in 2022 (88% of donations) on executives, entertainment, fun, travel and fat cat salaries


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