Mary Nikkel and Dr Jordan Nikkel from UCCS promote “Freedom Collective” Scam

Dr Jordan Nikkel is a Mathematics lecturer at UCCS. Here he is seen unknowingly promoting a scam because he’s supporting his wife’s career working for The Exodus Road who are currently under heavy critism and under federal investigation.

Here is a link to a page explaining Freedom Collective.

First screenshot taken from that page says The Exodus Road works with local law enforcement,  this is not true, they simply pay poor police men over 2000 USD for photos or pay them to arrest innocent people or they pay them to pretend they help rescued people. But no one is rescued anyway. As every victim they say they rescue,  goes back to the same type of work somewhere else.


Next screenshot is worded carefully. They pretend they do after care, but they do not offer any after care. All of the mentorship / counselling is just money spend on Christians trying to convert people to Christians. Which isn’t what the money is meant to be spent on.



Local investigators do not partner with law enforcement, it’s lies. Police in Asia or any country do not allow non-native or non-qualified working with them. Just like American police won’t partner with foreigners unless they are real police and its lawful. The Exodus Road work’s illegally and they have upset many law enforcements. Most of the investigators are using donation money for alcohol and sex with prostitutes,  looking in brothels where there is no underage to investigate.




88% of donations goes on entertainment, backhanders and a lavish lifestyle.

But as we already exposed, 88% of The Exodus Road’s money goes on a lavish lifestyle, almost zero goes on any real investigation.

Below is a picture Indonesian boy who’s parents do not know that The Exodus Road has used their photo on their website to pretend he was sex trafficked.  They are horrified the photo has been used in such a way.  The Exodus Road buy most of their photos from shutterstock and pretend they are saving the privacy of victims, but in reality they just don’t have the photos as many don’t exist, they could easily blur faces.

There are many pictures on The Exodus Road website of poor children from shutterstock, none of their parents know that they are being used to pretend they are sex trafficking victims. In Asia this loss of face can ruin the reputation of a child for life and they won’t get any jobs and may become victims themselves because they were made vunerable by a dishonest charity that says they help children.