How Much does Matt Parker (Jonathan Parker) Syphon off The Exodus Road?

We were asked how much in total Jonathan Matt Parker and Laura Parker get from The Exodus Road.

In the screenshot below, you can see he sends TER money to an undisclosed organisation which he he is CEO of, which was 127,730 USD in 2022 (last reported year)

Below, you can see that The Exodus Road sends 347,267 USD to Thailand, which is where Matt Parker’s 2nd home is and TER seem to only have 2 staff and do not investigate, but this is where their retirement in planned for Matt and Laura Parker and it’s easy to fiddle account sheets.

The Freedom Home in Thailand is also marked as costing 160,306 USD a year, with real estimates running around 15,000 USD a year in true costs. where is the rest of the money going?

Next is Matt Parker and Laura Parker’s Salaries. 149,580 USD per year for Matt and 135,805 USD per year for Laura.

There are lots more hidden costs, they put their lavish lifestyle on expenses and they give very high salaries to two of their children.

To summarise:

127,730 USD a year is transferred to an anonymous Thailand-based organisation he owns.
347,267 USD a year sent to Thailand his second home for investigation and aftercare that never happens

160,306 USD a year send to Freedom Home with true costs of 15,000 a year.
149,580 USD a year for Jonathan Matt Parker’s salary
135,805 USD a year for Laura Parker’s salary.

The executive compensation below is 247,993 USD a year. How much of that goes to Laura and Matt?

695,613 USD a year in other salaries, we estimate they give their part-time children over 100,000 USD each per year. But they hide these numbers also.

You Can Read More here about their 3.5m USD a year going on fat cat salaries, entertainment and travel.